Build in Wood


Build-in-Wood aims to meet the global and European challenges of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the construction sector by developing a sustainable and innovative wood value chain for the construction of multi-storey buildings. The ambition of the project is to optimize and economize current wood construction methods so that they can become an increasingly common practice in the European construction sector.
Build-in-Wood will address this challenge through the innovative development of materials and components, structural systems and façade elements for multi-storey timber buildings, available for both new and renovated buildings. What is developed will be tested and documented to enable immediate market deployment. The active engagement of the cities identified by the project as pilot sites will strengthen urban-rural connections.
Ecodynamics Group is a partner in the Build-in-Wood project, which involves 20 other public and private partners from 11 European countries and Canada.
Title: Build in Wood
Sustainable wood chains for construction of low-carbon multi-storey buildings from renewable resouces
Funding Program:
Horizon 2020
09/2019 – 08/2023
(48 Months)
Budget: 10 millions of Euro

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  • Making wood a natural choice among construction materials for multi-story buildings;
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions for the European construction sector;
  • Establishing an innovative and sustainable wood value chain for multi-storey wood buildings;
  • Improve the connection between rural and urban areas and contribute to sustainable urbanization;
  • Increase productivity in the construction sector;
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the increasing use of sustainable and resource and energy efficient wood materials.


  • Growing demand for forest-derived building products will provide incentives to expand and maintain forests;
  • New economic opportunities and new ways to use wood, along with naturally derived materials, in the construction industry;
  • Increased innovation in the construction industry (materials, building systems, processes);
  • Higher quality buildings (including health and home environment);
  • Green and decent jobs in rural and urban areas through a sustainable wood value chain.

Expected results

  • Optimized materials (efficient use of resources, improved quality);
  • Documentation on the environmental performance and impacts of developed materials, systems and solutions (e.g. Life Cycle Assessment - LCA, Life Cycle Costing - LCC, Social Life Cycle Assessment - S-LCA);
  • A structural and customizable platform for building systems, a guide to the construction of multi-storey wooden buildings and specifications for the incorporation of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) tools;
  • Demonstration projects;
  • Workshops for co-creation of stakeholders and building scenarios for pilot cities;
  • Training for entrepreneurs, SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and researchers;
  • Guide to open source design (for private clients and local/national authorities);
  • Overview and evaluation of relevant legislation, regulations and public standards;
  • Model for improving rural-urban connectivity.

Project partners

The Build-in-Wood project Consortium consists of 21 partners from 11 different countries, covering the entire wood value chain from factory to final construction.
​The project splits into various topic-specific work packages. Depending on each partner’s core field, they are assigned the lead of a package and/or contribute with their expertise and workforce to other packages.

Danish Technological Institute
Technological Institute
Taastrup, Denmark

Norsk Treteknisk Institutt
Institute of Wood Technology
Oslo, Norway

C. F. Møller Architects
Architectural Practice
Stockholm, Sweden

National Technical University of Athens
Technological University
Athens, Greece

Urban Planning Agency
Bucharest, Romania

Agenția Metropolitană Brașov
Government Office
Brașov, Romania

Waugh Thistleton Architects
Architectural Practice
London, England

Alexandra Institute
IT Institute
Aarhus, Denmark

University of Siena
Public University
Siena, Italy

proHolz Tirol
Wood Association
Innsbruck, Austria

BIM Consulting
Barcelona, Spain

Supplier for Building Solutions
Südtirol, Italy

rtd services OG
Innsbruck, Austria

Adserballe & Knudsen
Construction Services
Farum, Denmark

Timber Engineering
Pergine Valsugana, Italy

Cluster for Green Building
Trento, Italy

Timber Industry
Åmot, Norway

Building Material Company
Iphofen, Germany

Scandi Byg
Timber Constructions
Logstor, Denmark

Software Company
Kaufbeuren, Germany

Construction Company
Mississauga, Canada