The moving city

“The Moving City” full English version here “The Moving City” shows outcomes from a research project, namely MoTo – Mobilità Toscana, funded by the Tuscan Region, aimed at developing innovative techniques and tools to augment knowledge on dynamics and evolution … Read More

The road to sustainability. GDP and future generation

“Comprehensively written – and accompanied with numerous charts, graphs, and case examples– The Road to Sustainability provides a solid introduction and argument for beginning to build a sustainable future. We need to understand sustainability not only in terms of product … Read More

The rampant garden

The rampant garden combines a technical-scientific approach with investigative planning in order to explore vertical gardens, the most recent forms of integration between architecture and nature, and to propose prospective visions of urban landscapes. The first approach by the unit … Read More


Simone Bastianoni and Federico M. Pulselli of Ecodynamics Group participated in the realization of the scientific paper FLOURISHING WITHIN LIMITS TO GROWTH, in collaboration with researchers from the Universities of Copenhagen (DK), Aalborg (DK), Frostburg State (Maryland, USA) and Towson … Read More

MAESTRALE and the energies of the Mediterranean Sea

A new group of superheroes is coming in the Mediterranean Sea! Here you can free download the comic-book “MAESTRALE – and the Energies of the Mediterranean Sea” in English, Italian, French and Spanish. From an idea of Prof. Simone Bastianoni … Read More


There’s a new superhero in town! Leave with us and discover the energy of the Sun! The English PDF version of “SOLAR!” is now available online, free to download, at the Emergy Society official website. This comic is born from … Read More