Department of Earth, Environmental and Physical Sciences
University of Siena, Pian dei Mantellini 44, 53100, Siena, Italy
Tel: +39 0577 235737

Current function
Associate Professor in Environmental and Cultural Heritage Chemistry
University of Siena, Italy.

MS degree in Economics; PhD in Chemical Sciences – Environmental Curriculum (University of Siena, Italy).


Didactic activity
Since 2005 he has been teaching courses in the fields of environmental chemistry, environmental physical chemistry, environmental sciences, most of which are dedicated to the multiple aspects of the concept of sustainability, the scientific basis, the epistemological and biophysical foundations and indicators. Supervisor or co-supervisor of 8 PhD theses; Supervisor or Co-Supervisor of over 50 Degree Theses (both B.Sc and M.Sc.) for degree courses in Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, Environmental Economics, Political Sciences at the University of Siena and other universities.

Research area
Research in the field of environmental chemistry, sustainable development, environmental modelling and assessment, ecological economics, sustainability indicators. Practical application of various environmental and ecological-economic evaluation methodologies and accounting methods such as Emergy, Ecological Footprint, LCA, GhG Inventory, ISEW, GPI, Ecosystem Services Evaluation.
Co-author of 2 books and more than 70 articles in peer reviewed international scientific journals and Encyclopaedia entries; about 65 full papers in collective volumes and book chapters; about 60 abstracts or communications at national and international conferences. In 2014 he has been invited as a visiting professor at the Laboratório de Produção e Meio Ambiente of the Universidade Paulista (UNIP) in San Paolo (Brazil).

Editorial acrtivity
Co-Editor in Chief of the international journal Cleaner Waste Systems (Elsevier); Associate Editor for the journal Frontiers in Energy Research – Sustainable Energy Systems and Policy; Topic Editor for an issue of the same magazine. Guest Editor for a special issue of Ecosystem Services (Elsevier) magazine. He serves as a reviewer for approximately 15 international scientific journals.

Organizational activity
Since the beginning of his career he has been a member of the Ecodynamics Group at the University of Siena, created in the 90s by Professor Enzo Tiezzi, in which he participated in more than 20 research projects and co-organized national and international scientific events. Since March 2016 he has been a member of the Faculty Board of the PhD in Environmental, Geological and Polar Sciences and Technologies of the University of Siena. Since 2019 he has been a member of the assembly of teachers of the National PhD in Sustainable Development and Climate Change. From 2015 to 2021 he has been coordinator of the Orientation Commission of the Department of Physical, Earth and Environmental Sciences of the University of Siena and member of the University Commission. Since 2022 he is President of the Committee for Didactics of the B.Sc. in Environmental and Natural Sciences and M.Sc. in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Sustainability. He is a member of the RUS (Italian Network of University for Sustainable Development) within the working group “Education” for the University of Siena.

Italian Chemical Society (SCI);
International Society for the Advancement of Emergy Research (ISAER);
Advances in Cleaner Production Network (ACPN).