The Ecodynamics Group is a team of researchers of the University of Siena, directed by the Full Professors Simone Bastianoni and Nadia Marchettini, which includes lecturers, technical staff, young researchers and PhD students. The members of the team share the ambition to overcome the current model of development, affirmed with the industrial revolution and never changed, being based on the false myth of infinite growth, and build a society aware of the real potentials and physical limits imposed by nature, that can prosperous and sustainable at the same time.
We aim to support a necessary transition process towards a “new alliance” between man and nature in the medium-long term, starting from a series of simple objectives:
–        To collect and transmit the scientific heritage of Enzo Tiezzi, a broad systemic vision of the world, the only planet we have, which we observe today from a privileged perspective: we sit on the shoulders of the giants like, starting with Enzo, Ilya Prigogine, Sven Jorgensen, Howard Odum, Harold Morowitz, Barry Commoner. This is a cultural baggage that we cultivate and develop through teaching and research: with teaching we contribute to disseminate our know-how to young students of our degree programs; with the research, we work to build new knowledge, as a key factor in human development.
–        To integrate knowledge through a transdisciplinary approach based on the common denominator of systemic sciences (such as evolutionary thermodynamics), a theoretical framework for matching different knowledge and disciplines as a starting point for a dialogue between people with different skills and competences. The match of disciplines is a fundamental characteristic of the Ecodynamics Group and an essential requirement for imaging society, economy and environment not as separate entities, but as integrated and interconnected systems. Dialogue between people with different backgrounds and stories is at the root of innovation.
–        Making innovation both in basic research and in its applications, which has always been a strong feature of our Team. Enzo, in the 70s brought Magnetic Resonance to Italy, in the 80s he dealt with “biological equilibrium” before the definition (practically equivalent) of “sustainable development”. Today, much more modestly, we are able to give a new reading on the evolution of ecosystems and on the possibility of developing the human system towards prosperity without growth. On a practical level, we have brought the Province of Siena to be the first one in Italy certified according to the ISO 14001 and EMAS2 standards (environmental certifications of the organization) and the first territory in the world to be certified for its greenhouse gas balance, and then to reach the Carbon Neutrality in 2011.
–        To consolidate the epistemological foundations of sustainability and develop methodologies to guide decisions and measure their effects. The aim of our research is to support, with data and indicators, actions, projects and initiatives aimed at pursuing the United Nation Agenda on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the Mediterranean area and the EU countries. The expected results consist in defining clear theoretical models to consolidate the concept of sustainability, often misunderstood or manipulated, on assured scientific bases (basic research) and in developing measurement, monitoring and evaluation methodologies and tools, to help promote concrete solutions and designing the society of the future towards the 2030 horizon and beyond (applied research).
–         To train new researchers and future professionals and support the training of doctoral students and post doc researchers, attracting economic resources and enhancing the highly qualified human resources of our country. In open opposition to the unexpected tight-knit policy of the national university system, we carry out a demanding and responsible fund-raising action that attracts capital and intercepts European and regional funds to finance research and build long-term professional opportunities for young researchers. The challenge is to identify the requirement and contemporary society needs to build appropriate skills and imagine new professions of the future that can create opportunities for development in all sectors, administrative and production activities.
–        To consolidate international cooperation through shared research, knowledge transfer and capacity building projects in Europe and the Mediterranean basin, strengthening Italy’s position on key issues for the development of the future society in the world, which include energy and renewable sources, the environment and biodiversity, agriculture and livestock, industry, mobility, integrated waste cycle, water resources. The integrated design of innovative solutions for community sustainable development offers many development opportunities in all sectors, most of which are yet to be explored and tested. Within the limits of growth, there is a great margin for creativity, innovation, design, technology, the evolution of society and trades, the environment and the economy.
Every aspect that distinguishes the work of the Ecodynamics Group is summarized in a sentence by Enzo Tiezzi: “From now on, we must practice the good and the beautiful as much as possible“.


Concept map del Gruppo di Ecodinamica