Department of Earth, Environmental and Physical Sciences
University of Siena, Pian dei Mantellini 44, 53100, Siena, Italy.
Tel: +39 0577 234358. Fax: +39 0577 232004

Current function
Full Professor of Environmental and Cultural Heritage Chemistry, University of Siena.
Chair of the PhD School in Environmental, Geological and Polar Sciences.
Delegate for Sustainability for University of Siena
He teaches courses at the MS degree in Environmental Sciences: Ecodynamics; Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Certification; Sustainability.
1990: MS degree in Electronical Engineering at the University of Padua.
1993-94: Visiting scholar at the University of Florida (Department of Environmental Engineering, with H.T. Odum)
1995: Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences at the Universities of Siena and Perugia.
1999: Visiting scholar at the Royal Danish School of Pharmacy (Department of Pharmaceutics and Analytical Chemistry – Section of Environmental Chemistry, with S.E. Jørgensen).

Research area
Sustainability indicators (e.g. based on Emergy evaluation, Ecological Footprint, Greenhouse Gases Balance, Life Cycle Assessment, Exergy analysis, etc.); Energy and bio-energy systems; application of thermodynamics to ecological systems and of kinetic models to systems of environmental relevance.
In 2004 he received the first Prigogine Junior Medal for research in complex systems. He received the “2001 Meritorious Award” from the International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics.
President of the Emergy Society
Member of the Standard Committee of the Global Footprint Network.
Organization of the Footprint Forum 2006 and the Footprint Forum 2010
Member of the Italian Chemical Society

Editorial Boards
Specialty Chief Editor of the journal “Frontiers in Energy Systems and Policy”. He is member of the Editorial Boards of Ecological Modelling, Ecological Indicators, and of The ScientificWorld Journal;
Editor of the section Human Ecology and Sustainability of the2nd edition of the Encyclopedia of Ecology and has been editor of the section Ecological Indicators of the first edition.
Author of around 120 papers in peer reviewed international journals and around 70 other reviewed publications. He is author with S. Jørgensen, B. Fath, S.N. Nielsen, F.M. Pulselli, D. Fiscus of the book “Flourishing Within Limits to Growth” (Earthscan, 2015); with S. Jørgensen, B. Fath, J. Marques, F. Müller, S.N. Nielsen, B. Patten, E. Tiezzi and R. Ulanowicz of the book “A new ecology. Systems Perspective”, (Elsevier, 2007) and with F. M. Pulselli, N. Marchettini and E. Tiezzi of the book “The road to sustainability” (WIT Press, 2008).