SUSTAINABILITY: transdisciplinary course at University of Siena



Target students: BSc and MSc students from any disciplinary program in UNISI, technical/administrative staff in UNISI, external practitioners, officers and stakeholders.

Coordinator: Prof. Simone Bastianoni

Duration: 48 hours

Usual number of students: 150+

Teaching method: frontal lectures

Supporting tools: /


Course description: launched in 2013, the interdisciplinary course focuses on environmental, economic, political, energetic and social aspects of sustainability. The main objective is to provide a general viewpoint on the multiple issues of sustainability and promote a systemic holistic approach. Specific objectives are:

– Providing the knowledge basis to understand the multiple issues of sustainability.

– Defining and managing the environmental, economic, political, energetic and social aspects of sustainability for communication and planning.

– Performing the systemic approach to manage the complexity of sustainability.

– Building capacities of UNISI students to deal with sustainability and confirm the role of UNISI for the sustainable development of the Mediterranean area.

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